Use SMS Emergency Management Solutions to Prepare for the Future

Systematic Management Services, Inc. (SMS) offers our clients Enterprise-wide Emergency Management solutions in support of Government programs/offices to assist in preparing, managing, responding to, and recovering from future national and global emergency events. SMS’ Emergency Management services are an integral component to the success of our Counterintelligence & Counterterrorism, Security, and Environmental Support services.

SMS’ Emergency Management services feature:

  • Emergency Program, Resource Management, & Emergency Risk Assessments/Mitigation Planning
  • Emergency Preparedness & Mitigation Planning
  • Planning & Execution of Emergency Testing and Exercises
  • Emergency Decisions & Crisis Communication Planning
  • Emergency Incident Management Planning
  • Emergency Program Operation Evaluations & Assessments and Lessons Learned/Corrective Action Planning
  • Integrating Personnel, Operational, & Information Security into Emergency Management
  • Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Continuity of Operations & Continuity of Government Programs
  • Emergency Response Software Assessment
  • Emergency Response Reporting System Support
  • Emergency Preparedness Outreach & Engagement
  • Emergency Response Logistics Planning/Coordination with Federal, State, & Local Agencies and First Responders
  • Emergency Operations Program Awareness Program Development & Execution
  • Emergency Operations & Management Training
SMS Emergency Management Solutions

Client: Department of Energy, Emergency Operations Training Academy

SMS’ support for one of the Emergency Operations Training Academy’s flagship courses led to a partnership with DHS for analyzing, modifying, and developing Crisis Response and Consequence Management training.

Additional Services

Clients who have benefitted from SMS’ Emergency Management services have augmented this support with our:

Program Management Services for Emergency Management policy and procedure development; financial management; and program/curriculum reviews.

Engineering Services for the analysis of program evaluations, effectiveness, and performance assessments in the development of new policies and procedures; preliminary planning of program requirements to meet end goals and develop procedures; and design reviews of current Emergency Management training systems.

Training Services for Emergency Management training analysis; cradle-to-grave training design, development, and delivery; and development of training materials.

Logistics & Administrative Services for critical elements such as conference/meeting planning; records and database management; and document development.

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